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Monday, January 29, 2018

Age 3 in Retrospect

Occasionally I make it a habit to clear out my writing folder on my desktop, discarding pieces or re-organizing them into my writing portfolio if they have some legs. Sometimes I find a piece or two that never made it to a formal blog – these are usually rambling, micro observations on my life at a point in time.  Today I found this one…obviously written at the height of epic year long struggle with my then three year old Jaden, and it gave me the opportunity to look back.  This was the year I decided, simultaneously, that my daughter was a force of nature and that I was destined to be a one-child mommy.  By far, age 3 was the roughest year to date – but one that, even dominated by struggles and challenges, provided me those amazing moments of serenity, grace and beauty that come with raising a child. I remain, humbled and grateful by the amazing blessing that is my daughter.   

Most mornings with my three year old are dominated by defiant stances in pink polka-dotted tights, barely eaten breakfasts and dramatic screams during hair-combing and styling sessions.  Most mornings my little girl wakes with only one true desire…to challenge me at every turn. I battle over clothes, shoes, what can and can’t accompany her to school.  She makes demands and launches sabotage attacks to delay our departure while I anxiously watch the clock.  Somehow we manage to stubble out the door, both of us a little worse for wear than we should be.  Most mornings.

Oh… but then there comes that rare, blue moon of a morning where every moment seems as saturated by joy and mirth as any before.  Jaden wakes up with smiles and kisses.  She makes her own way to the potty. She does not throw open my shower door but just waves at me through the glass, a blurry, happy vision in pink princess pajamas.  She helps me feed the dogs. She cleans up her books and toys, before I trip over them.  She gladly accepts whatever outfit I have and dresses quickly instead of diving back beneath the covers to avoid me. She leans lovingly against me as I slip on her shoes. She even takes her drink cup downstairs and puts it in the sink for me.  I make breakfast and she eats it.  We sit side by side, munching and talking contentedly.  

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